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Family Name  

Cranleigh ASC Summer Meet - SE191396

MemberNameYoBGenderClubEventRoundTimeFINA PTS
1357832Joshua Astbury06MaleWandsworth50 FreestyleF 31.99254
1357832Joshua Astbury06MaleWandsworth200 FreestyleF 2:34.07268
1357832Joshua Astbury06MaleWandsworth400 FreestyleF 5:23.08283
1357832Joshua Astbury06MaleWandsworth50 BreaststrokeF 42.40211
1357832Joshua Astbury06MaleWandsworth50 ButterflyF 35.69227
1357832Joshua Astbury06MaleWandsworth50 BackstrokeF 37.66205
1357832Joshua Astbury06MaleWandsworth100 Individual MedleyF 1:23.01222
1363895Fergus Atkinson06MaleWey Valley50 FreestyleF 33.74216
1363895Fergus Atkinson06MaleWey Valley50 BreaststrokeF 42.24213
1363895Fergus Atkinson06MaleWey Valley200 BreaststrokeF 3:18.48223
1355837Harriet Allen08FemaleBox Hill50 FreestyleF 37.70225
1355837Harriet Allen08FemaleBox Hill200 FreestyleF 2:59.26233
1355837Harriet Allen08FemaleBox Hill50 BreaststrokeF 55.73135
1355837Harriet Allen08FemaleBox Hill200 BackstrokeF 3:07.60256
1355837Harriet Allen08FemaleBox Hill100 Individual MedleyF 1:34.83211
1146763Lucy Andrews04FemaleCranleigh200 FreestyleF 2:22.12469
1146763Lucy Andrews04FemaleCranleigh100 Individual MedleyF 1:14.92429
1300806Ausrine Andriulaityte06FemaleLeander50 FreestyleF 33.46321
1300806Ausrine Andriulaityte06FemaleLeander200 FreestyleF 2:47.21288
1300806Ausrine Andriulaityte06FemaleLeander400 FreestyleF 5:42.83320
1300806Ausrine Andriulaityte06FemaleLeander50 BreaststrokeF 42.14313
1300806Ausrine Andriulaityte06FemaleLeander200 BreaststrokeF 3:14.81329
1300806Ausrine Andriulaityte06FemaleLeander50 ButterflyF 37.78268
1300806Ausrine Andriulaityte06FemaleLeander50 BackstrokeF 38.45297
1300806Ausrine Andriulaityte06FemaleLeander200 Individual MedleyF 2:58.21319
784221Maisie Apps03FemaleDorking50 FreestyleF 33.71314
784221Maisie Apps03FemaleDorking50 BreaststrokeF 43.49285
784221Maisie Apps03FemaleDorking200 BreaststrokeF 3:26.33277
784221Maisie Apps03FemaleDorking50 ButterflyF 37.17282
784221Maisie Apps03FemaleDorking50 BackstrokeF 37.80313
528701Jasmin Arciero98FemaleCranleigh50 FreestyleF 30.51424
528701Jasmin Arciero98FemaleCranleigh200 BackstrokeF 2:34.54459
1218268Lauren Askew07FemaleDorking50 FreestyleF 33.15330
1218268Lauren Askew07FemaleDorking400 FreestyleF 5:29.61360
1218268Lauren Askew07FemaleDorking50 BreaststrokeF 47.54218
1218268Lauren Askew07FemaleDorking200 ButterflyF 3:19.59215
1218268Lauren Askew07FemaleDorking50 BackstrokeF 37.60318
1218268Lauren Askew07FemaleDorking100 Individual MedleyF 1:24.30301
1400188Martha Atkinson08FemaleWey Valley50 FreestyleF 44.64135
1400188Martha Atkinson08FemaleWey Valley50 BreaststrokeF 50.40183
1380045Sofia Avery10FemaleCranleigh50 FreestyleF 55.4570
1380045Sofia Avery10FemaleCranleigh50 BreaststrokeF 59.68110
1380045Sofia Avery10FemaleCranleigh200 BreaststrokeF 4:25.08130
1380045Sofia Avery10FemaleCranleigh50 BackstrokeF 58.7983

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