Results of Meet by Swimmer

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Meet NameCityTypeDateCourseLicenceLevel
Guernsey SC Club Champs 2022GuernseyClub Champs08/10/22SCSE2204624
National Arena Swim League South Round OneFleetLeague08/10/22SCSE2220513
City of Ely October Invitational MeetElyClub Champs08/10/22SCER2216864
National Arena Swim League South Round OneDoverLeague08/10/22SCSE2220543
IoM Utmost League Match Winter Series 2022DouglasLeague08/10/22SCNW2221283
National Arena Swim League South Round OneBurgess HillLeague08/10/22SCSE2220593
National Arena Swim League South Round OneBrightonLeague08/10/22SCSE2220533
National Arena Swimming League-London Rounds 2022BraintreeOpen Meet08/10/22SCER2217993
National Arena Swim League South Round OneBexleyheathLeague08/10/22SCSE2220583
2022 Swim West Lothian Distance MeetBathgateOpen Meet08/10/22SCSCO19672
Swim Star by ARENABangkokOverseas08/10/22LCGBR17973
National Arena Swimming League-London Rounds 2022AylesburyOpen Meet08/10/22SCER2218083
National Arena Swim League South Round OneAmershamLeague08/10/22SCSE2220503
North District Distance Meet 2022AberdeenOpen Meet08/10/22SCSCO19242
Worcester SC Club ChampionshipsWorcesterClub Champs07/10/22SCWM2214864
Weymouth SC Club ChampionshipsWeymouthClub Champs07/10/22SCSW2212804
Bassett JSF SC Joint Club ChampionshipsWaterloovilleClub Champs07/10/22SCSE2217754
Hamble Aquatics Joint Club ChampionshipsWaterloovilleClub Champs07/10/22SCSE2217774
Havant & Waterlooville Joint Club ChampionshipsWaterloovilleClub Champs07/10/22SCSE2217794
Locks Heath SC Joint Club ChampionshipsWaterloovilleClub Champs07/10/22SCSE2217814
Bor of Waltham Forest Winter Club Championships 22SylvestrianClub Champs07/10/22SCLR2217154
Riyadh Swim League Fall 2022 No.3RiyadhOverseas07/10/22SCGBR18423
Newmarket & District Endurance Club Champs 2022NewmarketClub Champs07/10/22SCER2220744
Mildenhall & District SC Club ChampionshipsMildenhallClub Champs07/10/22SCER2211254
Birkenhead S&WPC Club ChampionshipsLeasoweClub Champs07/10/22SCNW2220024
Hoddesdon Club Champs 2022John WarnerClub Champs07/10/22SCER2214714
Halstead SC Annual Club ChampionshipsHalsteadClub Champs07/10/22SCER2217004
Braintree & Bocking SC Club Champs 2022EssexClub Champs07/10/22SCER2216464
HYDRA short course showdownDohaOverseas07/10/22SCGBR17983
CSWPC BROCK TEWKS Combined Club ChampionshipsCheltenhamClub Champs07/10/22SCSW2215174
Verso meetBangkokOverseas07/10/22LCGBR17991
Thetford Dolphins Club Championships 2022ThetfordClub Champs06/10/22SCER2218534
SASC and ASC Time Trials 2022StretfordClub Champs06/10/22SCNW2221644
Chippenham ASC Club Champs 2022CorshamClub Champs06/10/22SCSW2210804
EDSC Autumn Club Championships 2022AshsteadClub Champs06/10/22SCSE2219224
Abingdon Vale SC Club Championships 2022AbingdonClub Champs06/10/22SCSE2220424
Thanet Club ChampionshipsRamsgate LeisureClub Champs05/10/22SCSE2219294
Dartford District SC Club Champs 2022FairfieldClub Champs05/10/22SCSE2220134
National League round 1AberdeenOpen Meet05/10/22SCSCO19232
Tonbridge SC 800m Club Champs 2022TonbridgeClub Champs04/10/22SCSE2218334
Radford SC Club Championships 2022RadfordClub Champs04/10/22SCEM2221304
Maidstone SC Club Championships 2022MaidstoneClub Champs04/10/22SCSE2213614
Hoddesdon Club Champs 2022Haileybury SchClub Champs04/10/22SCER2214704
Droitwich Dolphins SC Club Championships 2022DroitwichClub Champs04/10/22SCWM2221024
Ware SC Club Championships 2022WareClub Champs03/10/22SCER2215064
Orpington Ojays Club ChampsWalnuts LCClub Champs03/10/22SCLR2210104
Hastings Seagull SC Club Championships 2022HastingsClub Champs03/10/22SCSE2208934
Diss Otters Club Champs 2022Diss LCClub Champs03/10/22SCER2215504
Basingstoke Bluefins Club Championships 2022BasingstokeClub Champs03/10/22SCSE2216214
Coalville SC Autumn Time Trials 2022Whitwick (Coalville)Time Trial02/10/22SCEM2218944
Sutton in Ashfield SC Splash Meet 2022Sutton in AshfieldClub Champs02/10/22SCEM2218154
City of St Albans SC Level 4 Club ChampsSt AlbansClub Champs02/10/22SCER2216314
National County Team Championships 2022 Div OneSheffieldNational02/10/22SCASA1552
National County Team Championships 2022 Div TwoSheffieldNational02/10/22SCASA1562
Brighton SC Club ChampionshipsPrince RegentClub Champs02/10/22SCSE2216274
South Ayrshire ST Graded Meet 2022PrestwickOpen Meet02/10/22SCSCO19224
Maidenhead Marlins ASC Level 3MaidenheadOpen Meet02/10/22SCSE2217633
Borough of Harrow Club Championships 2022LondonClub Champs02/10/22SCLR2215324
Carnforth Otters & Lancaster City Bay Fusion MeetLancasterOpen Meet02/10/22SCNW2217113
Bromley SC Autumn Gold 2022KentOpen Meet02/10/22SCLR2214743
Hoddesdon Club Champs 2022John WarnerClub Champs02/10/22SCER2214694
Kimberley SC Club ChampionshipsHucknallClub Champs02/10/22SCEM2203134
Halstead SC Annual Club ChampionshipsHalsteadClub Champs02/10/22SCER2216994
Gloucester City SC Swim Skills ChampionshipsGloucesterOpen Meet02/10/22SCSW2218614
GNSC Club Champs 2022Cygnets LeisureClub Champs02/10/22SCSE2212254
Cranleigh Club ChampionshipCranleighClub Champs02/10/22SCSE2217204
Carn Brea & Helston 35th Open MeetBodminOpen Meet02/10/22SCSW2205412
Bishop's Stortford SC Club Championships 2022Bishop's StortfordClub Champs02/10/22SCER2216434
Bexley SC 2022 Club ChampionshipsBexleyheathClub Champs02/10/22SCLR2215294
SAS Time TrialBanchoryOpen Meet02/10/22SCSCO19252
Derbyshire Junior Grand Prix Series 2022AlfretonOpen Meet02/10/22SCEM2217334
Bridgend County SS Club Championships Oct 22AberavonOpen Meet02/10/22SCWL2214983
Worcester SC October Open MeetWorcesterOpen Meet01/10/22SCWM2211143
BCM SWPA Greater Manchester Autumn Meet 2022WiganOpen Meet01/10/22SCNW2213103
Harpenden SC FINIS Bryan Thompson Legacy MeetWestminster LodgeOpen Meet01/10/22SCER2211383
Chase Roebuck Level 3 Open Meet 2022WalsallOpen Meet01/10/22SCWM2215253
Ilkeston Club Championships 2022Victoria ParkClub Champs01/10/22SCEM2218994
Dove Valley ASC Club ChampionshipsUttoxeterClub Champs01/10/22SCWM2218124
Linslade Crusaders SC Club ChampionshipsTiddenfootClub Champs01/10/22SCER2214394
Swansea Aquatics Club Championships 2022SwanseaOpen Meet01/10/22SCWL2216913
St Ives Swimming Club Championships 2022St IvesClub Champs01/10/22SCER2207234
Middlesex County Development Open SeriesSouthbury RdOpen Meet01/10/22SCLR2215333
Nottinghamshire ASA Stage 2 Gala 2022RetfordCounty01/10/22SCEM2202934
EDSC Autumn Club Championships 2022Rainbow Centre,EpsomClub Champs01/10/22SCSE2219214
PMSC 2022 Long Course Qualifying MeetPort Macquarie, AustOverseas01/10/22LCGBR18033
City of Plymouth Annual Swim Meet 2022PlymouthOpen Meet01/10/22SCSW2214183
Carn Brea & Helston 35th Open MeetPenzanceOpen Meet01/10/22SCSW2205402
City of Newport SC Autumn Closed Invitational MeetNSIVOpen Meet01/10/22SCWL2218163
Newbury SC Separated Medley Meet 2022NewburyClub Champs01/10/22SCSE2220874
Somerset ASA Development Meet 2022MillfieldOpen Meet01/10/22SCSW2215403
Maidstone SC Mixed 800m & 1500m Time Trials 2022MaidstoneOpen Meet01/10/22SCSE2210363
North Midlands Annual ChampionshipsMacclesfieldOpen Meet01/10/22SCNW2213953
Swim Bournemouth Back to CompetitionLittledownOpen Meet01/10/22SCSW2216533
Nottinghamshire ASA Stage 2 Gala 2022HucknallCounty01/10/22SCEM2202924
Hinckley Swimming Club Championships 2022HinckleyClub Champs01/10/22SCEM2219124
South Tyneside Swimming Club Autumn Meet 2022Haven PointOpen Meet01/10/22SCNE2215603
Hatfield Regional Qualifier October 2022HatfieldOpen Meet01/10/22SCER2215093
Grantham SC Club Championships 2022GranthamClub Champs01/10/22SCEM2217593
Potters Bar Long Distance Club Championships 2022Furzefield CentreClub Champs01/10/22SCER2219524
Salisbury Stingrays Club Championships 2022Five Rivers LCClub Champs01/10/22SCSW2215624

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