Results of Meet By Event

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Meet NameVenueTypeDateCourseLicenceLevel
Crawley SC September 2018 Time TrialCrawleyTime Trial21/09/2018SCSE1823044
Pioneer 79 Annual Club Championships 2016AccringtonClub Champs21/09/2018SCNW1820114
Windsor Club Championships 2018WindsorClub Champs20/09/2018SCSE1818174
Sevenoaks Club Championships 2018SevenoaksClub Champs20/09/2018SCSE1817874
CoNSC Club Championships 2018NorwichClub Champs20/09/2018SCER1804444
Northgate Annual ChampionshipsMuch WenlockClub Champs20/09/2018SCWM1822714
Kendal Long Distance Gala 3KendalGala20/09/2018SCNW1823614
Watford Club Championships 2018GarstonClub Champs19/09/2018SCER1816634
Beau Sejour Barracudas LBG Club Championships 2018Beau SejourClub Champs19/09/2018SCSE1809694
Newton Abbot 2018 Club Championships 2018Newton AbbotClub Champs18/09/2018SCSW1821604
Maidstone Swimming Club Championships 2018MaidstoneClub Champs18/09/2018SCSE1818014
Rochford & District SC Club Championships 2018Clements Hall LCClub Champs18/09/2018SCER1818834
Stockport Metro Club Championships 2018StockportClub Champs17/09/2018SCNW1817784
Harrogate District Club ChampionshipsHarrogate HydroClub Champs17/09/2018SCNE1823174
Beckenham Club Championships 2018BeckenhamClub Champs17/09/2018SCLR1816234
Coalville 2018 - 200m & 400m Distance Time TrialsWhitwickTime Trial16/09/2018SCEM1822444
Warley WASPS Club Championships 2018West BromwichClub Champs16/09/2018SCWM1820454
Flixton Early Bird MeetStretford LCOpen Meet16/09/2018SCNW1817723
Stirling Autumn MeetStirlingOpen Meet16/09/2018SCSCO15172
City of Oxford Development Meet 1OxfordClub16/09/2018SCSE1819414
Leicester Sharks Club ChampionshipsNuneatonClub Champs16/09/2018SCEM1816154
Haddington 100s MeetMercat GaitOpen Meet16/09/2018SCSCO15132
BLSC Club Championships 2018Medway ParkClub Champs16/09/2018SCSE1818224
Junior Inter County Competition 2018InspireOpen Meet16/09/2018LCER1813711
Arnold Club Championships 2018HucknallClub Champs16/09/2018SCEM1804144
Atlantis Club Championships 2018HorshamClub Champs16/09/2018SCSE1818334
Watford Club Championships 2018GarstonClub Champs16/09/2018SCER1816624
Felixstowe Waves September Season Opener 2018FelixstoweOpen Meet16/09/2018SCER1804463
Shetland distance time trial 2 2018ClickiminTime Trial16/09/2018SCSCO15122
Calne Alpha Sprint Club ChampionshipsCalne LCClub Champs16/09/2018SCSW1817094
Backwell Swimming Club - Club Championships 2018Backwell LCClub Champs16/09/2018SCSW1815514
BBATT Autumn Distance Meet 2018AylesburyClub16/09/2018SCSE1821564
WBC Championships 200's 2018Ainslie Park LeisureOpen Meet16/09/2018SCSCO15352
Worthing ChampionshipsWorthingClub15/09/2018SCSE1815304
Deben Saturday SprintsWoodbridgeClub15/09/2018SCER1820684
Stourbridge Club Championships 2018WombourneClub Champs15/09/2018SCWM1818544
Winsford Swim Team Club Championships 2018WinsfordClub Champs15/09/2018SCNW1823084
SCSC Club Championships 2018Whitgift School PoolClub Champs15/09/2018SCLR1814124
Westhill District Minnows Meet 2018WesthillOpen Meet15/09/2018SCSCO15102
40 Thurso OpenThursoOpen Meet15/09/2018SCSCO15112
The Robin Hood Open Meet 2018SheffieldOpen Meet15/09/2018LCEM1812553
CSWPC & Pershore SC Long Distance EventSandford Park LidoClub15/09/2018LCSW1822164
NASA 2018 Short Course CompetitionRugbyOpen Meet15/09/2018SCEM1822043
RSC Swimming Club Championships 2018RoystonClub Champs15/09/2018SCER1820584
Kingsbury Aquarius Club Championships 2018NuneatonClub Champs15/09/2018SCWM1817334
CASA Short Course Time TrialsMombasa, KenyaOverseas15/09/2018SCGBR8223
Melton Mowbray 100m Back BrstMelton MowbrayClub15/09/2018SCEM1821024
LTSC Annual Gala 2018LoughboroughGala15/09/2018SCEM1817664
Swim Bournemouth Club Championships 2018Littledown CentreClub Champs15/09/2018SCSW1819134
Yorkshire Winter CompetitionLeedsOpen Meet15/09/2018SCNE1822052
Medway ASA CHampionships 2018GillinghamOpen Meet15/09/2018SCSE1804273
Derbyshire Junior Grand Prix Series 2018EckingtonClub15/09/2018SCEM1817144
Dover Life Guard Club White Cliffs 2018DOVERGala15/09/2018SCSE1807403
Rochford & District SC Club Championships 2018Clements Hall LCClub Champs15/09/2018SCER1818824
Lichfield 2018 Club ChampionshipsCannockClub Champs15/09/2018SCWM1820474
Mid Sussex Marlins Club Championships 2018BURGESS HILLClub Champs15/09/2018SCSE1823644
Bromsgrove Club ChampionshipsBromsgroveClub Champs15/09/2018SCWM1821984
Braunstone Sports Trophy GalaBraunstoneGala15/09/2018SCEM1820944
9th Hoddesdon Novice Open MeetBorehamwoodOpen Meet15/09/2018SCER1807533
2018 BWSC Club ChampionshipsBiggleswadeClub Champs15/09/2018SCER1816074
Warley WASPS Club Championships 2018West BromwichClub Champs14/09/2018SCWM1820444
Swim Wales Legends MeetSwanseaOpen Meet14/09/2018LCWL1800921
Swadlincote Club ChampionshipsReptonClub Champs14/09/2018SCEM1817194
Kingston Royals Academy & Junior Autumn GalaNew MaldenGala14/09/2018SCLR1821654
Maidstone Swimming Club Championships 2018MaidstoneClub Champs14/09/2018SCSE1818004
Folkestone Sports Centre Club Championships 2018FolkestoneClub Champs14/09/2018SCSE1817544
City of Salford Club Championships 2018Broughton LCClub Champs14/09/2018SCNW1810013
Flitwick Dolphins Club Championships 2018BedfordClub Champs14/09/2018SCER1814994
City of Sunderland Club Championships 2018SunderlandClub Champs13/09/2018SCNE1821344
Halifax Club Galas 1-7 & Club 400m Time TrialsHalifaxGala13/09/2018SCNE1808214
Watford Club Championships 2018GarstonClub Champs12/09/2018SCER1816614
Stratford Sharks Club Time TrialsShipston LCTime Trial11/09/2018SCWM1823274
Maidstone Swimming Club Championships 2018MaidstoneClub Champs11/09/2018SCSE1817994
Bramcote SC Combined Diddy and BAGCAT Club ChampBramcoteClub Champs11/09/2018SCEM1819664
Blackpool Aquatics Time TrialsBlackpoolTime Trial11/09/2018SCNW1823504
13th CANA African Swimming ChampsKenyaOverseas10/09/2018LCGBR9851
Folkestone Sports Centre Club Championships 2018FolkestoneClub Champs10/09/2018SCSE1817534
NPSC Club Championships Progress Meet 2018WolvertonClub Champs09/09/2018SCSE1812034
Ulverston ASC Club Champs 2018Ulverston LCClub Champs09/09/2018SCNW1806444
Thetford Dolphins Nifty 50'sThetfordOpen Meet09/09/2018SCER1817563
BLSC Club Championships 2018Medway ParkClub Champs09/09/2018SCSE1818214
Epping Forest Internal Club Champs 2018LoughtonClub Champs09/09/2018SCER1816554
City of Liverpool Tadpoles Gala 2018LiverpoolGala09/09/2018SCNW1817823
Falcon ASC Diamond Jubilee Sprint Open 2018Hucknall LCOpen Meet09/09/2018SCEM1810893
Atlantis Club Championships 2018HorshamClub Champs09/09/2018SCSE1818324
Dunmow Atlantis Club ChampionshipsGreat DunmowClub Champs09/09/2018SCER1816004
Shetland Distance Time TrialsClickiminTime Trial09/09/2018SCSCO15072
Swim Bournemouth Club Championships 2018Canford School SCClub Champs09/09/2018SCSW1819124
BOSSS Time Trial (Scheme event only)Billingham Forum LCTime Trial09/09/2018SCNE1821304
Backwell Swimming Club - Club Championships 2018Backwell LCClub Champs09/09/2018SCSW1815504
Cults Challenge TrophyAberdeenOpen Meet09/09/2018SCSCO15092
Wareham & District September Colour GalaWarehamGala08/09/2018SCSW1818874
Wantage White Horses Joint 100m & 50m Club ChampsWantageClub Champs08/09/2018SCSE1821514
Winchester City Penguins Club Championships 2018St Swithuns SchoolClub Champs08/09/2018SCSE1819294
Lincolnshire Junior Swimming League - Round 1ScunthorpeClub08/09/2018SCEM1808594
CARADON SC CLUB CHAMPIONSHIPSSaltash / LiskeardClub Champs08/09/2018SCSW1818654
Bramcote SC Combined Diddy and BAGCAT Club ChampsNottinghamClub Champs08/09/2018SCEM1819654
Merthyr Tydfil Club ChampionshipsMerthyr TydfilClub Champs08/09/2018SCWL1813543
Sports Centre League 2018 - Division 1Hucknall LCLeague08/09/2018SCEM1805664
Godalming Joan Wales Open meetGodalmingOpen Meet08/09/2018SCSE1819323

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