Results of Meet By Event

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Meet NameVenueTypeDateCourseLicenceLevel
Bracknell & Wokingham Club Championships 2019BracknellClub Champs20/07/2019SCSE1915194
Bicester Blue Fins Invitational MeetBicesterClub20/07/2019SCSE1915994
BPSC END OF SEASON MEET 2019BASILDONOpen Meet20/07/2019LCER1901873
2019 PC NNA Silver State ChampionshipReno, NV, USAOverseas19/07/2019LCGBR11281
KRSC Academy & Junior End of Season Gala 2019Malden CentreGala19/07/2019SCLR1924904
Maidstone Time Trials SummerMaidstoneTime Trial19/07/2019SCSE1923074
2019 NCS LC SR ChampionshipsGreensboro, USAOverseas19/07/2019LCGBR11211
Dereham & District Roger VirgoeDerehamGala19/07/2019SCER1918574
GNSC Club ChampionshipsCygnetsClub Champs19/07/2019SCSE1922184
2019 MN UOFM Speedo Section 1Minneapolis, USAOpen Meet18/07/2019LCGBR11271
OOM PolandDrzonkow, PolandOverseas18/07/2019LCGBR11501
Speedo Champions SeriesCleveland, USAOverseas18/07/2019LCGBR11221
FSN: Swiss Junior and Youth ChampionshipsBasel, SUIOverseas18/07/2019LCGBR11291
Truro City Club Fast Five ChampionshipsTruroClub Champs17/07/2019SCSW1917524
FISEC GamesRomaniaOverseas17/07/2019LCGBR11231
Norwich Swan Club ChampionshipsWymondhamClub Champs16/07/2019SCER1921124
Droitwich Dolphins Club ChampionshipsDroitwichClub Champs16/07/2019SCWM1920484
DDASC Long Distance MeetDereham LCClub15/07/2019SCER1918304
FICEP-FISEC GamesBucharest, RomaniaOverseas15/07/2019LCGBR11191
Hoylake Club CompetitionWest KirbyClub14/07/2019SCNW1920004
Tiverton Swimming Club ChampionshipsTivertonClub Champs14/07/2019SCSW1917384
Wellington (Telford) Club Championships 2019TelfordClub Champs14/07/2019SCWM1920424
Epsom District Summer Club Championships 2019Rainbow CentreClub Champs14/07/2019SCSE1917304
City of Swansea Summer Junior Development MeetPenlanOpen Meet14/07/2019SCWL1904853
Newmarket & District July Festival Sprint MeetNewmarketOpen Meet14/07/2019SCER1915463
Street & District SC Club Championships 2019Millfield Pool, StreClub Champs14/07/2019SCSW1916064
Middlesbrough Time Trail GalaMiddlesbroughTime Trial14/07/2019SCNE1922264
EFDSC Club Champs 2019LoughtonClub Champs14/07/2019SCER1918444
Len Thomas Memorial SprintLlandudnoOpen Meet14/07/2019SCWL1918002
BOBSC 12th Annual Summer SizzlerLeedsOpen Meet14/07/2019SCNE1914743
Teamipswich July Surprize Meet 2019IpswichOpen Meet14/07/2019SCER1902733
South Hunsley Club GalasHullGala14/07/2019SCNE1904344
Black Swan Summer Sprint MeetHart LCOpen Meet14/07/2019SCSE1917853
Grimsby Aquatics Club Championships & Time TrialsGrimsbyClub Champs14/07/2019SCNE1901484
GSC Summer Club Champs 2019GranthamClub Champs14/07/2019SCEM1922913
Orpington Ojays Club Championships 2019ElthamClub Champs14/07/2019SCLR1922044
Newham & UEL 50m & 100m IM Club ChampionshipsEast HamClub Champs14/07/2019SCLR1921224
DDASC Long Distance MeetDereham LCClub14/07/2019SCER1918294
Dereham & District Roger VirgoeDerehamGala14/07/2019SCER1918564
GNSC Club ChampionshipsCygnetsClub Champs14/07/2019SCSE1922174
Rochford & District SC Club Championships 2019Clements HallClub Champs14/07/2019SCER1921744
Alton & District Club ChampionshipsAlton Sports CentreClub Champs14/07/2019SCSE1917144
Wolverhampton SC Summer Open MeetWolverhamptonClub13/07/2019SCWM1914323
Boudicca Open Meet 2019UEA Sports ParkOpen Meet13/07/2019SCER1904632
Terry Fitzgerald Memorial Open Meet 2019SummerfieldsOpen Meet13/07/2019SCSE1902313
Chippenham ASC Club Champs 2019St Mary's CalneClub Champs13/07/2019SCSW1919844
DX Summer Spectacular Sprint MeetSheffieldOpen Meet13/07/2019SCEM1905483
Sevenoaks Schools Out For Summer GalaSevenoaksGala13/07/2019SCSE1918833
DEVONPORT ROYAL SIZZLER MEETPlymouthOpen Meet13/07/2019SCSW1904803
City of Lincoln Pentaqua Club ChampionshipsOne NK LCClub Champs13/07/2019SCEM1922934
Leicester Sharks Summer SplashNuneatonClub13/07/2019SCEM1914103
Portsmouth Northsea End of Season Meet 2019Mountbatten SCOpen Meet13/07/2019LCSE1912753
Chesterfield Summer SplashMatlockClub13/07/2019SCEM1903263
Marcigny MeetMarcignyOverseas13/07/2019SCGBR11542
Team Luton Fast and Furious 5LutonOpen Meet13/07/2019SCER1902013
COSC Summer SizzlerLeys Leisure PoolGala13/07/2019SCSE1916403
Richmond Dales Summer Madness Gala 2019LeedsGala13/07/2019LCNE1916103
KENDAL CLUB CHAMPIONSHIPS - Gala 3KENDALClub Champs13/07/2019SCNW1925314
Atlantis Club Champs 2019HorshamClub Champs13/07/2019SCSE1919214
City of Bristol LC L3 Summer Festival MeetHengrove LCOpen Meet13/07/2019LCSW1919953
Nottinghamshire A.S.A. Summer Gala 2019Harvey HaddenGala13/07/2019SCEM1918223
Inter Club Championshiops 2019GuildfordClub Champs13/07/2019SCLR1920634
KUHSC Club Sprints Gala 2019Ennerdale LC, HullGala13/07/2019SCNE1922943
Enfield Swim Squad Summer Open MeetEnfieldOpen Meet13/07/2019SCLR1914933
BASC Seaside Special 2019EAST RIDING LEISUREOpen Meet13/07/2019SCNE1911693
DLGC Club Championships 2019DoverClub Champs13/07/2019SCSE1921604
NASA 2019 Wilkinson Sword GalaCorbyGala13/07/2019SCEM1924754
Carmarthen Club Champs 2019CarmarthenClub Champs13/07/2019SCWL1926293
Cardiff Bay Sprint MeetCardiffOpen Meet13/07/2019LCWL1913483
City of Salford Summer Spectacular 2019BroughtonOpen Meet13/07/2019SCNW1914663
North Lancs Level 3 Development Meet 2019BlackpoolOpen Meet13/07/2019SCNW1917673
18th Biddulph ASC Open MeetBiddulphOpen Meet13/07/2019SCWM1914853
Bromley SC Club Championships 2019Beckenham SpaClub Champs13/07/2019SCLR1914404
Borough of Harrow Summer Open Meet 2019Barnet CoptallOpen Meet13/07/2019SCLR1913943
Bhutti Anant Swimming ChampionshipsBangkokOverseas13/07/2019LCGBR11151
BWFSC Club Championships 2019Sylvestrian LCClub Champs12/07/2019SCLR1917894
Paignton Club Champsss Middle And Long DistancePaigntonClub Champs12/07/2019SCSW1920804
Halifax Club Galas & Time TrialsHalifaxClub12/07/2019SCNE1905604
GAW Summer MeetDunston LCOpen Meet12/07/2019SCNE1919193
2019 GU CFSC Summer ChampsCypress, USAOverseas12/07/2019LCGBR11181
GNSC Club ChampionshipsCygnetsClub Champs12/07/2019SCSE1922164
Hailsham Club Championships 2019Bedes PoolClub Champs12/07/2019SCSE1915754
Bulgarian Open ChampionshipSofiaOverseas11/07/2019LCGBR11301
ICG - 53 International Children's Games, 2019RussiaOverseas11/07/2019LCGBR11141
Scottish Summer MeetRCP EdinburghNational11/07/2019LCSCO16901
2019 NC ESSZ Long Course ChampionshipNth Carolina, USAOverseas11/07/2019LCGBR11461
Newbury District Club ChampionshipsNorthcroftClub Champs11/07/2019SCSE1918114
Hastings Seagull SC Club ChampionshipsHastingsClub Champs11/07/2019SCSE1917254
Halifax Club Galas & Time TrialsHalifaxClub11/07/2019SCNE1905584
Southern Zone South Sectional ChampionshipsFlorida,USAOverseas11/07/2019LCGBR11251
Adwick Home ChampionshipsAdwickClub11/07/2019SCNE1920174
York City Baths Club Distance Time Trials SummerYorkTime Trial10/07/2019SCNE1923494
Worksop Dolphins Time Trial Series 2019WorksopTime Trial10/07/2019SCEM1924824
Woking S.C. Club Championships 2019WokingClub Champs09/07/2019SCSE1919234
Wellington (Telford) Club Championships 2019TelfordClub Champs09/07/2019SCWM1920414
Droitwich Dolphins Club ChampionshipsDroitwichClub Champs09/07/2019SCWM1920464
Paignton Club Champsss Middle And Long DistancePaigntonClub Champs08/07/2019SCSW1920794
ASC Distance Championships 2019AltrinchamClub08/07/2019SCNW1923854

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